About Us

Founder’s Note

“ChaiOM” was coined by Payalh Agarwwal “Somia” many years back. The Idea was to depict the Omnist behaviour of Chai. The journey of this tea venture was started by Ms. Payalh Agarwwal who is daughter of Darjeeling and believes that she is definitely bitten by the tea bug in her early life. It’s like She has more tea in her veins than blood itself. The concept of getting into a beverage based business,  finally took shape  when  Mr. Vaibhav Aggarwal, who is  a far sighted innovator transforming businesses in India  came on board as a Co-Founder . That’s when the vision of ChaiOM became a reality in a Vocal for local idea.

Payalh & Vaibhav ,  Indian’s  at heart,  started their entrepreneurial  journey through the hospitality business and within a few years they opened a chain of restaurants. During the past years, Chaiom through their  team effort has been part of many competitions with respect to food and beverages and have won many accolades from leading  chefs including Sanjeev Kapoor.

While travelling across the globe they realised that the  Darjeeling tea that they were carrying with them , has a different taste than most of the tea available in the countries they visited.

The idea to be a tea-preneur began with Payalh’s journey from Europe, the smile and glitter in the eyes of the tea drinkers for Darjeeling Tea consolidates her thought that internationally, Tea is not just a mere commodity rather it’s a lifestyle. After returning back, backed by her experiences, and massive research she decided to disrupt the traditional tea industry. And now “ChaiOm” came to life. OM being present in all our trademarks, as Team is OMNIST in character. Alongside, her restaurant and hotel business, she started working in a tea factory to gain more insight & learn the experiences. With the growing business, ChaiOM shifted from Siliguri to New Delhi to fulfill the vision of the founder to create a healthy lifestyle for society and change the perception of people towards tea in our country.

They named their tea venture CHAIOM. In our country CHAI is the drink over which every conversation begins, isn’t it astonishing how a beverage becomes an integral part for every Family global, a beverage which very well defines the culture of our country, representing to the world. This is the reason why Ms. & Mr. Aggarwal opted to choose Chai as a prefix of their brand name as they want everyone to feel the same connection which they have after taking a sip of CHAI while reading their tea brand. According to the mantra of Hinduism  whenever a person begins with something new  , they start it by the name of “OM” which means positivity, energy and prayers.

As this tea venture is a new step for the duo into this tea industry , they wanted it to be filled with positive energy and blessing, so decided to put OM in the suffix of their brand name, combining these two words together they  named the brand CHAI+OM=CHAIOM.

Till now the company has served more than 50 million cups and even backed up by 9 accolades -Global citizen awards, Times of India unlimited, Rising Star, Walmart Women entrepreneur, P&G Women Entrepreneur and Indian MSME 100 Women Achiever Award.

Our Mission

Mission is to offer tea not only as a beverage but as a lifestyle habit to one and all suiting their tastes.

Our Vision

Vision is to enlighten the consumer about the benefits of Tea and Tisanes, thereby encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle and wellbeing!

Our Team

Payalh Agarwwal CEO and Founder Zolina Express Pvt. Ltd. Passionate about tea and its business. Wants to create a niche value for a first venture into tea. She has extensive experience in insurance and restaurant business. An entrepreneur with a cool mind and a disciplined heart. Supports flexibility and values trust among co-workers the most.
Subhabrata Hui Graphic Design Head Professional Graphic designer currently living in Siliguri. He lives in a world of infinite possibilities, preferring to see things not as they are but as they could be. He is a problem solver with a keen interest in contributing to society through design.
Sunakshi Vashist Technology & IT Consultant Mtech from Bits Pilani, and is a passionate builder of websites and anything that needs artistry painted on screens. She is a rare designer-developer hybrid. She has more than 4+ years of experience in building websites.

Our Core Values

Customer Service

Our focus is our customers, both internal & external. Everything we do revolves around ensuring that all our customers have positive and productive contact with us. Next level of customer satisfaction!


We accept responsibility for our actions and are accountable for the results achieved. We Own it!

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

We constantly re-evaluate our products and actively elicit, listen and act upon information for continuous improvement, actively promoting innovative practice in all that we do and are involved with. Doing wonders with Tea!

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